"Montserrat Corsino has served as my acupuncturist for the better part of two years during which time she worked with exceptional proficiency and resourcefulness. Montserrat gave attention to symptoms and details both big and small. She produced successful results with a variety of ailments of which I have had a good share. (I'm an octegenarian). She is persistent, patient, and well-informed. She both handles needles  and prescribes herbs carefully and effectively. She has a soothing and comforting "bedside manner" which leaves the patient more encouraged and reassured than he or she might otherwise be.
  So without hesitation I give the highest recommendation to Montserrat as an acupuncturist, herbalist and caregiver. 
 -Michael P.
"Montserrat knows what you need like she's made of magic! Two years ago I had a few health issues I was concerned with, I didn't know what they were. After going to doctors who couldn't understand what was going on w/ me, I went to see Montserrat, she asked me specific questions and through her assessment she figured out what was going on. Assigned me a health path with her nutritional advise, sessions of acupuncture and a prescription of powdered Chinese herbs to drink up, and within no time I was feeling normal again, but with more energy. * I was glad that those doctors didn't know since that could've meant unnecessary tests and medications. After a few months of the treatments, I'm feeling great, healthy and ready to have a baby. She helped stimulate my fertility so that I could get pregnant with my first child a lot easier (which was immediate). She helped ease my pregnancy ailments along the way, and is now helping greatly with the post baby dificiencies and back aches. I am truly amazed at what a skilled acupuncturist can do, Montserrat knows what's up, she's very friendly and a calm person to boot!"

-Anna S.

"I had some female monthly cycle issues that were beginning to feel a bit scary and someone recommended Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Montse was recommended by a friend who said she is incredible. She was thorough in her evaluation and very knowledgable.  She called in some herbs for me and then did an acupuncture session. Immediately I felt less stressed and cared for. The herbs were not as bad as I thought they would be and my cycle normalized. So amazing! I like her acupuncture sessions a lot and she has a lot of wisdom. She felt solid and caring. I am glad to have her as my new Doc."

-Nicole R.

"I found Montserrat after dealing with an acute neck strain back in January.  I had been dealing with chronic neck and back issues for the past several years, and needed help after pulling my neck while carrying heavy weight. 

After gathering some info from me, including some other health issues that I had been dealing with over the years, Montse was able to tell that my body's constitution was imbalanced and needed a serious tune up. She was very interested in getting to the root of the problem. Montse clearly guided me through the proposed healing plan with a combination of acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs. All of the seemingly unrelated health issues I had been experiencing were actually all connected. This was a big breakthrough for me and I was excited to see real improvement with the treatments.

I'm feeling so much better after several sessions with Montse, and I continue to see her for weekly visits.  I'd highly recommend her to others who are dealing with chronic or acute health problems.  She's truly focused on healing in a gentle and comforting way."

 -Brian P
"I highly recommend Montserrat!  She is a skilled practitioner, she tunes in right away to what my issues are and knows exactly what to do.  I trust her sound judgment and peaceful demeanor, and I look forward to the appointments which always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed."

-Maya D.